Thursday, March 25, 2010


Just so you know, sliding doors don't keep Boogie out.

Other things that don't keep Boogie out:

Cabinet doors
Fridge doors
Closet doors
Ziplock seal
Metal cannisters
Nat and/or Nano

Just couple days ago, Boogie ate the corner off bag of brown sugar. It was in the cabinet, but as Boogie said, cabinet doors don't keep Boogie out and Ziplock certainly don't. Boogie would have totally ate more than corner, but Boogie totally interupted.

Yes, Boogie gots in trouble. And yes, it be worth it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This Just to Say...

...that white thing is gone and Boogie no miss her at all. Big Baby totally miss Small Big Baby, but that serve Big Baby right--Big Baby shouldn't have gived Small Big Baby so much loves; Big Baby should have gived more thoughts and time to Boogie while that white thing was around. Look who smilin' now? None of the Big Babies, that who.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Boogie Demand Inequality (Again)

Uh...excuse Boogie? Why am Boogie in back of car in so so small space with Big Baby? Big Baby so huge, unless Boogie stand up on back feets, Big Baby's bootie be in Boogie face. Boogie want to go for ride? Yes. Boogie want to go for ride with Big Baby bootie in Boogie face? Never.

You have no ideas how hard it be for Boogie to stand up like you see in photo when car be moving. Boogie buff, but Boogie no Hercules. Would Boogie like own private go-for-ride carriage? Yes. But Boogie not shootin' for stars. No. What Boogie demand is Big Baby stay in back where Big Baby belong and Boogie come up front to comfy alone seats, where Big Baby bootie will not be smooshed to Boogie face. This not be too much to ask. This be what right to Boogie and until Nat and Nano do this, Boogie cry and cry and cry and yell and cry and bite Big Baby and cryCRYcry all the way of go-for-ride.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Sigh Grumble Sigh

Another dog has invaded Boogie's house. This dog just like Big Baby, except she small and white. What is Small Big Baby doing at Boogie's house? Why Small Big Baby here for days and days? Why this happen? Why this always happen with no permission from Boogie?

First day Boogie try to tell Small Big Baby who be boss and who's house she in. Boogie run after Small Big Baby and tell her no no a lot lot of times. Small Big Baby jump and run and barks, always want to play. And to make matters bad worst, Small Big Baby try to steal Boogie foods. Boogie no need to say how no no this be.

After few days, Boogie just ignore Small Big Baby. To Boogie, she not even there. Oh, what be that biting Boogie's ear? Must be a bug. Hmm, something growling, must be mailman. Do what you want, Small Big Baby. In the always, Boogie outlast every stuff. Boogie gots stamina. Boogie gots smarts. Boogie see how long Small Big Baby last.