Tuesday, October 05, 2010

This Nothing New

Oh, you sick? Boogie feel so so bad for you. Oh, you tired? That just be no no bad. Oh, you can't breathes good and it be hard to lift Boogie with all Boogie hair flyin' round. Oh, no. Oh, you don't want Boogie hair on you. Oh, that so so sad.

Boo Boogie hoo.

Listen, Nat and Nano. Boogie understand that sometime you be sick. Sometime you no feel so so good. Boogie get it and Boogie sorry. But Boogie also get that you be Boogie's people. And because you Boogie's you gots responsibilities. With great Boogie come great responsibility. Boogie make that clear from Boogie day one. When Boogie hungry, Boogie be fed. When Boogie need to go potty, Boogie go outside. When Boogie bored, Boogie play. When Boogie need cuddles, Boogie must be cuddled. When Boogie done with cuddles, Boogie must stop the cuddle. It very simple.

Boogie be constant. Boogie always demand what best for Boogie. And Nat and Nano, you needs forever come last Boogie place.