Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Nano Bad Man

Boogie knows for sure Nano think Nat his toy. He keep taking her away for long days at time. He no even ask if Boogie want to come or no. He just leave Boogie at MamaPapa’s house. Boogie do like it there ‘cause there an Azie, she way big, barkier dog than Boogie. Boogie like to follow Azie and see what it like to be big. Also there lot more people at MamaPapa house—always someone to give Boogie loves, treats, or foods. That really ‘portant. And Boogie other toy live there—she look just like Nat, only smaller. So it not that I no have fun when Nano take Nat ‘way for long days at time. MamaPapa house know how to treat Boogie.

What no right is that Nano have no courtesy for Boogie. He take Nat, who is Boogie toy, with no ask. AND he no ask Boogie if she like to go too. Very rude. No go away be fun without Boogie, so who know what Nano think.

Maybe Boogie take Nat on go away without Nano and see how he like being left out.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Difference in Boogies

The word "boogie" is bein' thrown 'bout in lots ways these days and you may wonder 'bout the difference in boogies. So here I tell you.

First is Boogieman. Boogieman is "terrifying specter; a hobgoblin." He go 'round scaring people and no pretty.

Second Boogie-woogie. Boogie-woogie is style of piano play with up-tempo rhythm, repeat melodic pattern in bass, and not planned changes in treble. This kind music make people dance and stuffs, which bring us to next boogie word, the dictionary verb and noun of "boogie."

Boogie (v): 1. to dance to music. This pretty good boogie word. This bring lot of fun to lot of people. 2. to get going; to move quickly. This o.k. too, 'cause so many people have to do it.

Boogie (n): strong rhythmic music. This go back to boogie-woogie--you can listen to boogie while doing boogie-woogie.

And 'course there always the boogies that come out of nose. These are not favorite boogie word.

Finally, me Boogie. Good Boogie. I am a good protector and terrifier when need to. So Boogie scary like Boogieman, but also me Boogie keep Boogieman 'way. Boogie can definitely boogie-woogie; it so natural for Boogie to boogie. I born with woogie'n hips. me Boogie one melodic pattern and gets to where goin' very quick--lots 'xploring to do, so gots to boogie wherever Boogie goes. As for the nose boogies, 'course me Boogie gots them, but Boogie keeps the boogies under better control than any. me Boogie never even use tissue.

Hope this help. Now you know how lots good me Boogie is--best of all other boogies.