Thursday, March 15, 2007

Boogie Back

Here Boogie is--had to take break, Boogie had so much to do.

'Lot, 'lot, 'lot has happened.

First, Big Baby still 'round. Boogie guess Big Baby all right. She still no great thing, but she good for Boogie pillow and all time Nat and Nano won't do what Boogie want, then Big Baby good for being Boogie toy. The one thing that really bug Boogie 'bout Big Baby, she so happy 'bout everything. That 'cause she baby. When Big Baby become mature like Boogie, she know not everything happy time.

Second, Boogie had nose job and tummy tuck. When you Boogie, you got to keep looking good, no matter the cost. 'Course Boogie already look good, but now Boogie breathe better--not so much no control snorts. And Boogie no more have to wear thick paper on Boogie bum--no more red stuff come from Boogie bum.

So Boogie back and better than forever.