Sunday, April 29, 2007

You See What Boogie Have to Deal?

Before Big Baby come, Boogie had Boogie stuffs most to self. 'Course Nano and Nat sometime get in way and hide or take Boogie stuffs, but overly Boogie stuffs most safe. Not with Big Baby in Boogie House.

You see these pictures? You see what Boogie put up and over with? That ducky is Boogie's. You think Big Baby care? You think Big Baby keep boundries? You wrong. Big Baby have no boundries. Big Baby, as can see, take Boogie ducky. Not only Big Baby take Boogie ducky, but Big Baby do no-no bad things to Ducky.

Big Baby first rip out Ducky's eyes, Ducky blind now. Then Big Baby tear in Ducky head. It just small hole where Big Baby slowly take stuffing out slow, piece and piece. It horrible. How dare Big Baby steal and torture Ducky?

It no matter how much and lot Nat say No, don't do that, Big Baby do it when Nat and Nano no look.

If you think this only thing Big Baby do this to, you wrong. First was Boogie bed, now it every Boogie toy with stuffs inside. It really ridiculous.

Boogie gonna find way to protect Boogie stuffs. Too late for Ducky, not for Boogie.

Friday, April 20, 2007

So So Itch Itch Itch

Outside Boogie house, it not so cold no more. The ground getting green again and the green is getting taller--tall 'nuf to hit Boogie bum. Boogie very glad for not cold. Boogie go outside and sunbathe lots on days Nat and Nano don't go away when sun come out.

Bad thing for Boogie is Boogie so itch. Boogie face itch. Boogie feet itch. Boogie ear itch. Boogie every stuffs itch. So 'course when every stuffs itch, Boogie gotta scratch, Boogie gotta do something. So Boogie scratch face and every stuffs on carpet. Nat say "Boogie. Boogie. BooGIE! NO." So Boogie try scratch on Nat. Nat say, "No, Boogie. Don't wipe you on me." Boogie huff hard and say, "You rude. Boogie itch. You no know how Boogie feel. Boogie so itchy. Boogie need scratch." Boogie scratch again. Nat say NO again. So 'noying.

Boogie try scratch with Boogie paws and with Boogie mouth. It Boogie itch, it Boogie scratch, and it Boogie's stuffs that itch and scratch. Still Nat, and Nano, say, "No Boogie. BoogieBOOGIE NO. No." What right they have? No right. Boogie body. Boogie right.