Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Boogie Age Graceful

Boogie admit, with no deny, this last year Boogie gotten lot of gray furs. Boogie ‘tribute this to couple things.

1) Genetics. Boogie Mom probably went gray early. It normal for pugs to gray early.

B) Last year so stressful. Lot happened from Boogie 4 year to Boogie 5 year.

Number one, Nano took Nat away for so long time to ‘xplore. As said before, Nano not even ask Boogie is she like to come. Just left one day with bags of clothes and then someone come get Boogie after Boogie been alone for so so too long in Boogie’s new house. That so uncool, Nano—that right Boogie blame you. But then again when Nat. and Nano did FINELY come back to Boogie, then Nat stayed and put lots of stuffs in Boogie’s house. Before she left every night-night time, even though Boogie forbid it. Nat missed Boogie so much, she decide to stay night-night always. That good, but Boogie no give Nano credit for that—that Boogie charisma.

Second, Big Baby come to live at Boogie house. She turn out ok, though Boogie still no sure Boogie choose Big Baby if Nano would take her ‘way. Big Baby coming to Boogie house and never leaving was ‘lot of stress. Many reason, mostly messes and stealing—steal of food, love, toys, treats, and most other Boogie stuffs. That hard to cope with, even if Boogie is in control of all everything.

Three, Boogie had surgery on woman parts and on nose and mouth. Sure, Boogie do good better now, but it hard to go through that. That a scary hurt.

So Boogie got gray now and that o.k. Boogie know ‘suredly it give Boogie distinction.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Big, Not-So-Big Lady Not Got Nothin’ On Boog.

There is a lady on TV, she show up every day little before Nat and Nano come home from ‘xploring. Her skin darker than Nat’s and way ‘lot darker than Nano and sometimes she big and sometimes she not-so-big. Big, Not-So-Big lady’s show is called Oprah—Boogie not sure what that stand for.

Big, Not-So-Big lady always talking ‘bout power, woman power—women need get back their inner power, need get more power, need use inner power. Big, Not-So-Big lady very tell lot ‘bout women and being good body, mind, self.

Let Boogie tell Big, Not-So-Big something. Boogie way ‘head of you. Boogie been know this stuffs for all Boogie forever. Boogie also sometimes big and sometimes not-so-big, but Boogie no mind. Boogie love Boogie body and all it do and not do. Boogie know how to work body to get what she want when she want—push, pull, cry, tilt, bark, huff, snort—all part of package.

And speak of what Boogie want, Boogie always know what Boogie want and when Boogie want it. This big message of Big, Not-So-Big lady also too. It not hard ladies, just listen to belly and head that pretty much sure sign of what want and when want.

Once Boogie know what Boogie want, Boogie find way to get stuffs. That ‘nother thing Big, Not-So-Big and Boogie have common. ‘Sept Boogie no go brag ‘bout it on TV and magazine. Boogie too busy ‘xploring next thing Boogie need. If Boogie had magazine, foods be on cover every month, not Boogie.

Short and ‘portant of it: Boogie not so show off as Big, Not-So-Big and Boogie already know everything Big, Not-So-Big know but Boogie use better. AND most ‘portant, Big, Not-So-Big lady introduced that bald guy and had him on lot, lot, until he got on TV by his self. That just silly.

Friday, May 11, 2007

This Second Proof

Boogie’s new strategy for Big Baby’s destruction of Boogie stuffs: point out evidence to Nat and Nano (hope Nano cuz he so much meaner) then Boogie just hope they do some anything to stop Big Baby before she destroy every thing that all Boogie’s.

Here few pictures to show that Ducky was no one time thing (click Boogie face to see what Boogie say).

Big Baby so NoNo. Look at Baby, so happy for destroy, so big. Dirty too, lot dirty. That her fault—Big Baby gets herself into everything—she no care what she look like after, before, or during.

Boogie good 'xample but Big Baby no good learner.