Friday, July 27, 2007

Boogie gots a plan

For long time now, Nat and Nano leave soon after the sun comes up to go 'xploring and leave Boogie home with Big Baby 'til sun nearly ready to leave for night night.

Now, Boogie know they know how much Boogie like 'xploring and how much better Boogie is at 'xploring. It so ridiculous they no take Boogie. So Boogie decide that it. Boogie done letting them go all time with no Boogie. My first plan involve Boogie lookin' real sad and so so cute--you see in picture how Big Baby start to copy Boogie, so that plan had to go.

Boogie new plan begin with Nat. Boogie keen and notice that Nano and Nat do not leave to 'xplore at the same time. This mean they probably no 'xplore same thing. Nat is much easier to make do stuff, 'cause she mine (which is 'nother good reason why she no go without Boogie no more). Boogie decide Boogie just tell Nat just what Boogie want and Boogie not gonna take it no more.

Twice this week Boogie try already. Boogie run after Nat, round and round the Boogie house. Wherever Nat go, Boogie go and when Nat shoes come on, Boogie's gloves come off. Boogie snort, Boogie huff, Boogie follow Nat close, and stand right at door in go-ready position. There no way Nat not know what Boogie want.

Nat tell Boogie that Boogie no want to go where Nat going. It a bad place and boring. She tell Boogie this 'lot, but does Nat think Boogie a fool? Why in world would Nat go there 'xploring day after day if it so bad and boring? Boogie think it must be so fun and so full foods and so full Boogie stuffs, that Nat trying to keep it all to self. So rude after all Boogie do for her, not to mention bad man Nano.

Nat persuade Boogie to leave go-ready position with treats, then she dash out. The nerve.

So new Boogie plan not worked yet, but Boogie got way more determined and stamina than Nat and Nano. Just think what Boogie done already.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Boogie Stuffs

Here Boogie is on Boogie new bed. It pretty nice and it big so Boogie can all stretch out.

When Nat and Nano brought it home, they say, “Doggies, here is your new bed.” So silly. Boogie know they trying to not make Big Baby feel bad, but seriously, no way Boogie gonna share Boogie bed with dirt, grassy Big Baby. Big Baby can have Boogie old bed, if she want, but Boogie not gonna share the newness.

New Boogie stuffs is good, Big Baby on new Boogie stuffs is bad--Big Baby make new Boogie stuffs turn into nucky Boogie stuffs.
NoNo, Big Baby.