Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Get Over It

Lately Nat. sits in her room and stares at a big square thing and moves her fingers and goes click, click, click. So basically Nat. doin' nothin'. That so boring. So Boogie try to get Nat. to do stuffs with Boogie. That make sense. Boogie need stuffs and Nat. not doin' nothin'.

Boogie snuff, then huff. Boogie growl. Boogie bark. None of this get Nat. to play--Nat keep sitting, staring, and clicking. Sometimes Nat. look at Boogie and ask what Boogie want. Duh. What you think Boogie want? Boogie want Nat. to play and be fun and no sit and stare.

As last try, Boogie get up on back legs and put head on Nat's chair, as close to Nat. as Boogie can get. (Boogie not that big.) But this no work either. Nat. keep staring and clicking. This so strange. What wrong with Nat.? Such so so weird. Something must be wrong with Nat. Nat. must be depressed. There no way she pass up Boogie to sit and stare if something not wrong.

Boogie hope she snap out of it soon. She got Boogie. What else she want? It probably Nano. Nano probably made her sad. She probably did a NoNo and Nano spanked Nat. Well, she just have to get over it. She have to learn what Boogie do. Nano spank, Boogie no care. Boogie no let what someone else think Boogie should do get Boogie down.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

For Boogie, it pretty hard to decide on new year's resolutions. One, because Boogie not so sure what "resolutions" mean (don't act so smart, Boogie bet you don't either).

After 'lot of thinking and 'xploring, Boogie still deciding on goals for 2008. It most hard because Boogie pretty happy with Boogie and where Boogie going.

Boogie would like to look back at 2007 and talk 'bout some good things Boogie did:

Boogie traveled 'lot, 'lot. Many hours in Nat.'s car. So many hours, Boogie start to cry (that a secret between us, of course).

Boogie give to local charities.
Mostly at the houses Nat's car take Boogie to. Boogie donate much time to make others happy. Boogie let people who look 'lot like Nat., pet, love and feed Boogie--this make people very happy.

Boogie taught Big Baby important things. Clearly, Big Baby have 'lot to learn. Luckily, Boogie is good teacher. Boogie stepped up this year and really showed Big Baby how things are done. Big Baby still get in Boogie's way and take Boogie's stuff and make Boogie mad, but Big Baby doing much better and Boogie feel that our relationship really better.

Boogie lost at least three pounds.
Boogie know Boogie was good lookin' before diet and didn't really think there was room for better Boogie, but doctor's diet turned out good, thanks to Boogie. Now Boogie look trim and can play 'lot more. Boogie really brought sexy back this year.

Boogie is older and wiser.
Boogie turned five. Five for you is 35 for Boogie. Boogie left twenties this year and became adult. Boogie is now mature woman, with experience (this part of the reason Big Baby and Boogie can get along now--Boogie so beyond games). Sure, Boogie got gray hair, but Boogie really wear them well and Boogie earned each and all.

Boogie learned value of Boogie life. Boogie had big bump appear on Boogie's face wrinkle. It got big fast, so Boogie was back to doctor. Before Boogie know it, Boogie was forced to go night night and when Boogie woke up, Boogie's face hurt, but big bump was gone. Doctor said she had to test big bump for cancer. That really make Boogie think 'bout what important. Mostly Boogie came to same idea as before--foods, 'xploring, love, night-night, foods--but still good to know Boogie was right all 'long.

That's 'lot to talk 'bout--Boogie need a 2008 nap. Happy Boogie Year!