Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Boogie Will Be Your Valentine

February is hard time of year. There's lots, lots pink everywhere and lots of dirty frozen stuffs and lots of dead Mr. President's birthdays and lots of sad people with no someone to love. Boogie here to help. Boogie here to be your valentine. Boogie loves and these pictures of Boogie make February good. Now you need no nothin' more.

To: Everyones

From: Boogie

Happy Valentine's Day! This your best valentine ever.

p.s. Mimi Lauru take look. This how real pug wears pink. Face it. Boogie got it and you no don't.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hot or Not

Boogie decided it was time to weigh in on celebrity pugs. This where Boogie will ask whether famous pug is hot or not and then tell you.

Boogie start with Mimi Lauru and her big-eyed girl from 90210. Hot or Not?

Hmm. This one no hard. That pug not hot. Coloration bad. Face small. Not 'nuf wrinkles. And little pug, is that pleather you wearing? Boogie like pink, but pink pleather? That a NoNo.

Mimi Lauru, you deserve a spanking.

Holy Huge Pug

Boogie want you to look at the pug on left side of picture. That big pug. All pugs in picture are big, but that one HUGE.

So Boogie sees this picture and Boogie thinks it so unfair that Boogie not that big. Thinks of all things Boogie could do if Boogie that big? Thinks of all the foods Boogie have. All toys. All every stuffs. Boogie could open every fridge and eat all Boogie foods that Nano keep for his self. Boogie no problem get up on big bed Nat and Nano night night on. Boogie would not be moved or sent outside go potty if Boogie no want. And Big Baby wouldn't even be big--she just be Baby. Boogie would totally run, jump, bite Baby down.

Boogie would have looks, brains, AND bigness. Boogie would rule world, if Boogie that big.