Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hot or Not

Here we have Sid and lady from movie with four people who turn into fire and rocks and stretchy stuffs and invisible stuffs--so not true, believe Boogie, if it possible to change into that stuffs, Boogie would do it. That lady in other stuff too where she wears lots of bikinis.

Sid gots nice legs and a pretty good studded collar, but that as far as compliments go. Here are the reason Sid should be ashamed:

1. Mouth hang open like mouth breather. Everyone know that just make a pug look low class. And his tongue hang too, that no-no bad. Boogie used to have same problem, but Boogie got it fixed with little nip and tuck--Sid should take example.

2. Purple leash not bad. Boogie admire Sid for taking chance. Boogie do not admire Sid for purple star pendant with purple leash. Purple star pendant take Sid beyond edgy pug and make Sid sissy pug. A purple star pendant? It nice to coordinate, but no matter how far unisex come, purple star jewelry never ok for man pug.

Sorry Sid, no matter how much stuffs and good legs you gots, you no score Boogie.