Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Boogie to Mr. Could-Be-President

Hey, Mr. Could-Be-President, listen to Boogie. It took you long, long time to get this thing going. Now you competing with Old Dude to be Mr. President, and now you need to kick Big, Not-So-Big Lady off of your team. We all know Big, Not-So-Big Lady decided she would help you and get you some women's votes, but as Boogie as stated 'nother time, Boogie is better. Boogie got everything Big, Not-So-Big Lady has, except TV show and money and Boogie not same color, but that no matter. Boogie totally get you woman vote, pug vote, and every person vote, 'cause no one can resist the Boogie.

Number second thing Boogie want to talk to Mr. Could-Be-President about is Politic Lady. Politic Lady ran a long, long hard fight to be Ms. Could-Be-President. You won Mr. Could-Be-President and now Politic Lady wants to be Ms. Could-Be-Vice-President. That a no-no bad idea. Politic Lady said a lot of bad things about Mr. Could-Be-President and all Politic Lady know is politic and bossin' stuff 'round. Politic Lady don't know 'bout loves, or treats, or 'xploring, or babies, or foods. Clearly, Boogie way better choice for Ms. Could-Be-Vice-President. Let Boogie tell you why. Boogie know all 'bout all this stuffs and Boogie lives with Big Baby all time, so Boogie knows how to deal with destruction, dirtiness, theft, bad brains and bad negotiations. You can see from picture how good Boogie is at talkin' 'bout stuff and workin' stuff out, even with silly Big Baby. Boogie better than any with bossin' stuff round and Boogie for sure better lookin' and has better clothes than Politic Lady.

Kick Big, Not-So-Big Lady out and don't let Politic Lady in. Pick Boogie. It's the only way to beat Old Dude.