Monday, October 20, 2008

Boogie Baths No Good

Boogie aware that Boogie baths make Boogie look goods and smell like good stuffs and gets rid of itch itch itch, but Boogie still no like Boogie baths. Boogie don't know how Nat and Nano do the bath so much. It wear Boogie out just to thinks 'bout it.

The good thing 'bout Boogie bath is when done, Boogie feel charged up and run 'round house with super speed over and over. Big Baby always tryin' to play with Boogie when Boogie in middle of super speed and Boogie say, "Hey Big fatty Baby, get out of way, Boogie got super speed works to do." Big Baby NEVER listen.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Lesson: Get Peoples From One Place to 'Nother

Boogie's latest good idea be this: if Nat not where Boogie want Nat to be, Boogie go where Boogie want Nat to be and Boogie bark, bark, bark. Bark pattern be 'lot important. Boogie keep perfect timed bark with good loudness--like good drummer--Nat can't ignore. Consistent the key.






When Nat come to see what Boogie doing, that when Boogie win--Boogie move Nat where Boogie want, no heavy lift needed. This 'specially good to get Nat 'cross long distance, like downstairs upstairs.

Try it. Boogie sure it work on most peoples. Just gotta 'member three things for Boogie plan: intensity, persistency, consistency.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Boogie Unveils

Boogie revamp this place. Boogie been on blog for 'while and Boogie sick of all that pinks. Boogie create much sessier place with some cool tones to get Boogie ready for coming badness of cold white stuff on ground. It may get ucky outside-go-potty, but it be yay-good-girl here.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Serious? Old Dude, You in 'Lots Trouble

Turns out, Boogie totally be better vice president choice than Mrs. Alaska. That chick crazy and let Boogie tell you, Boogie gots more 'xperience than Mrs. Alaska and Boogie say stuffs better. But Old Dude is old and he gots a fancy for hot dames on two legs.

Anyway, Boogie hate to be 'lots political, but serious, Maverick a funny little movie, but no-no good to build campaign 'round. That poker player a sessy dude, but we all heard what Sessy Poker Player say 'bout Jews. Old Dude needs Jew votes to win. Duh.

Also, Old Dude, you gots to stop jokin' 'round 'bout Mr. Could-Be-President makin' friends with bombers. This serious stuffs. But Boogie guess if Old Dude really serious 'bout bein' Mr. President, Old Dude would pick Boogie for VP, a classy lady on four legs.