Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Take Look at Boogie Collar

Who can get married and who can't? Well, Boogie can't for first thing. But Boogie can't wear marriage jewelries, 'cause Boogie no gots fingers. Boogie no want to be tied down to lame-o man or lady dog anyway. But what 'bout all those peoples with fingers?

Take look at Boogie's necklace. That some pretty good color scheme and Boogie and you and everyones knows who gave us those colors. With such a gift to community, those peoples should be able to do what they want with who they want, when they want, and make sure to invite Boogie for some nummy weddin' cakes. In Boogie opinion, it no matter who gets to say "Me do, me don't, me will, me won't" or who gets to cut the cakes, as long as Boogie gets a piece--lots of piece.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Boogie Got the Look

With a face like this, Boogie don't have to be good or nice or kind or obedient or even smell good. All Boogie have to do is look. Boogie looks cute and Boogie get love and treats and much, much more. Go ahead, judge Boogie's book by Boogie's cover, then give Boogie everything Boogie look like Boogie deserve.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Boogie Continue to Outperform

They no think Boogie would do it, but Boogie did. Boogie totally did. Nat and Nano thought Boogie would pass up whole banana with skins. Nope. Boogie ates every banana stuff.

Boogie showed them.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Eyeball Woes

Boogie gots something much more 'portant to talk 'bouts than fact that Old Dude totally should have listened to Boogie. Boogie gots serious eye problems. It hard to say what happened. All Boogie know is that there be lots of itches and scratchin' goin' on and maybe Boogie hit Boogie in eye during the scratches. Who know. More likely that Big Baby totally whack Boogie in eye with her hairy fat paw. Owe. Can't believe Big Baby do such thing. Now Boogie gots sad, sad eyeball and Nat make it worse by putin' drops of stingy stuff in Boogie eyeball. As if.

Guess Boogie needs to go to doctor, again.

p.s. That picture of Boogie on Halloween. Again, as if. Definitely not costume Boogie choose. If Boogie get pick, Boogie be somethin' way powerful, not lame sissy ladybug. Maybe pink Poweranger or power-exec. Barbie.