Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tagged, Sealed, Delivered: Boogie Yours

Boogie tagged by Still Blinking. Boogie don't know Still Blinking, but totally want Still Blinking's carmels.

5 Things Boogie was doing 10 years ago...
1.) Boogie be only six in people years, so if Boogie go with that, Boogie was not doin' nothing.
2.) Or if Boogie believe in reincarnation, Boogie was queen of small island where foods was abundant and all Boogie's. Mmm. That good other life.
3.) In dog years Boogie was startin' to go gray 10 years ago--Boogie blame Big Baby's arrival.
4.) In dog years Boogie had a cyst removed from newly gray face--still gots scar.
5.) In dog years Boogie also had girl parts removed, to make sure Boogie never be Mama Boogie. Boogie got too much to do to be weighed with puppies--even if they cute little babies like Boogie.

5 Things on Boogie's "To-Do" list today...
1.) Avoid Go Potty outside
2.) Eat foods, lots times
3.) Get this bleepin' diaper off Boogie's rear
4.) Shake this bleepin' cone off Boogie's neck
5.) Go night-night, few times

5 Snacks I enjoy...
1.) Chocolate, which be forbidden. So stupid Nano. Couple years ago (people years) Boogie ate whole box of chocolates at Christmas and nothin' happened, so what big deal?
2.) Boogie treats (milk bones)
3.) Special treats (bread with hidden Boogie meds)
4.) Cheez
5.) Citrus

5 Things Boogie do if Boogie were a Millionaire...
1.) Make Nat and Nano stay with Boogie all day, every day--no more 'xploring all day with excuse that it the only way to pay for Boogie's foods.
2.) Buy lots and lots of Boogie treats.
3.) Buy Rocky Mountain Chocolate
4.) Buy chauffeur to take Boogie to the house where everyone looks like Nat. and everyone gives Boogie lots of treats and loves.
5.) Buy someone to get rid of all cold white wet stuff.

5 Places I've Lived...
1.) Logan
2.) Salt Lake
3.) Murray
4.) 1st Boogie's House
5.) Better Boogie's House

5 Jobs I've Had
1.) CEO of Boogie House
2.) Garbage sorter
3.) Go Potty Outside NOW
4.) Good Girl
5.) NoNo Bad Girl

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Going Off the Meds

Boogie went off allergy pills. Bad things happened. Boogie got so itchy ('specially Boogie's bum), then Nat and Nano got stupid and force Boogie into bad, bad accessories. This no kind of look for the holidays.

Boogie back on allergy pills.