Monday, February 23, 2009

Boogie Hate That Word

Last night Boogie went to house where everyone look like Nat. Usually at house where everyone look like Nat, Boogie get lots of love and most 'portant, Boogie get lots of treats and foodz. But no last night. Last night everyone kept using the word "special-diet." And no one would give Boogie any stuffs and when stuffs fell on floor, Boogie picked up so so fast by Nat or Nat look-alike, Boogie no have time to take. But all other dogs take take take, and taunt Boogie with tongue smacking and drools of all found stuffs.

House where everyone look like Nat is house where Boogie gets stuff Boogie's heart desire, until yesterday and that horrible word "special-diet."

Boogie been on diet (or so Nano think) for over two years, but why now "special-diet?" Special-diet ruins Boogie life. Boogie no care what doctor say, Boogie no want to live without Boogie's number one love: foodz, all every kind of foodz.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Boogie Gots Cold Feets

Here's somethin' no ones sees often: Boogie's wet paws. Boogie hates gettin' feets wet or cold or dirty or any combine of those. But here Boogie proves, when situation be dire, Boogie will get Boogie's foots wet like any insane Big Baby.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Nat and Nano, Boogie hope Boogie's message perfect clear.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What the Bleep?!

Boogie found something out. Nat and Nano made valentines and this year Boogie not on valentine. Who in picture if not Boogie, you ask? Big Baby, that who. Um, no. This worst disaster since Big Baby came to stay in Boogie house. Last year Boogie had to be on valentine with Big Baby and that bad 'nuf, but now Boogie been outed. This no fly. As you see, whole thing be no no bad.

Well, Boogie show them. Boogie show Big Baby. Boogie show you. Watch out stupid world of heart and pink and nummy treats and sweets frosting, it Boogie's turn to show who should be valentine and be on every valentine, every year and all time.

Just give Boogie little time.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Boogie's Loss is Boogie's Gain

Boogie lost three teeth in matter of minutes and so can you with doctor's help. Boogie highly rec'mend. You have no idea what missing. Boogie didn't neither. Since Boogie's loss of tooths, Boogie full energy. Boogie feel like puppy again. Since Boogie not so tired, Boogie have time for all Boogie ideas. Boogie got into cupboard again and got some white powdery stuffs out. It not taste as good as chocolate powder, but still good. Boogie more ambitious without teeths, so Boogie pull it into several places in Boogie's house. Best news is the carpet still tastes like sweet even after days of Big Baby licking and licking Boogie's good job. 'Course, Boogie got in no no bad trouble--more spanks, more yells, more time outs.

Day after powder play, Boogie pulled out everything in Nat's bag, but nothing for eats there, so Boogie left it. Same day Boogie open different cupboard and pull out bottle of blue water stuffs. It opened right up for Boogie on floor. It turn out not to be foods, so Boogie left that too.

Boogie so excited 'bout Boogie's new body. Don't wait. Lose three teeths today and you can do like Boogie.