Friday, May 15, 2009

Boogie Barf Lots

Boogie love Boogie's mini house--it Boogie's little house inside Boogie's big house. It Boogie's safe place. Boogie go there when Big Baby too much for to take (which be lots). When Boogie go night-night, Boogie get locked in Boogie's house. Mostly it not bad, 'cuz Boogie like Boogie's house. But it no no good when Boogie sick, 'cuz Boogie stuck. So what Boogie to do when Boogie gots barf? This Boogie's dilemma for other night. Boogie had to barf all over Boogie house--it vomit explosion. Gross. Lots gross.

Nat found barfy Boogie and barfy Boogie house in morning. Boogie had to have Boogie bath and then Boogie barf more in bath. Boogie shaky--Boogie no even want Boogie foods and that be saddest Boogie.

Boogie now feelin' better for foods. Nat and Nano cleaned out Boogie's house, but it still smell nucky. Boogie no no like it. Boogie no like Boogie's house no more. Boogie need new house. Boogie no dig nucky smells in Boogie house.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kong Keeps Boogie Busy

Boogie love and hate Kong. Kong has Boogie treats, but Kong tries to keep Boogie's treats from Boogie--Boogie have to work to get treats out. Boogie try try try for hours. Boogie lost lots of fat tryin' for Kong.

Kong, you know Boogie win in end, so just give treats up.