Monday, September 21, 2009

Boogie Bringing Sexy Back?

Not in this outfit Boogie not.

People? Please. This bad-girl ridiculous. Boogie no need collar. Boogie no need dress shirt. Boogie no need anchors sewn to no-needed shirt.

Plus, you have no no idea how much it scratch Boogie itch.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Boogie and Kong Reunion

Kong been missing for way so so long time, like years probably. Boogie knew Kong would not leave Boogie for good. It only a matter of time before Kong come crawlin' back to Boogie paws.

Kong, Boogie glad you be back. Now hand over Boogie's treats.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Big Baby New Bed. No. Boogie New Bed.

Silly Nano bought Big Baby a new bed. First all, yeah right. What Nano thinkin'? All new things be Boogie's first, then Big Baby can use them when 'nother new thing come. It called hand-Boogie's-down.

Numbers 2: Big Baby such a big baby. She don't dare get whole Big Baby body on new bed.

So, third number 3, Boogie show Big Baby how it be done and how Big Baby should be doin' it when newer new big bed brought to Boogie house.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Boogie Could Apologize

Boogie maybe say sorry for bein' gone for long time, but this Boogie blog. Deal.

Nat been home way lots more. She no go 'xploring every day like before. At first Boogie thought this good, but Boogie now have no time for Boogie plans. Nat keep stoppin' Boogie long before Boogie start.

Boogie must be much quick when Nat do leave. Boogie went to whole lots of work to get in cupboard, Boogie pull every stuff out and what did Boogie get for all Boogie trouble? Paper stuffs, black bitter stuffs, and locked in Boogie house for so so long times. Nat said to think 'bout what Boogie did. Yeah, Boogie thoughts about it. It be a Boogie trap. Black bitter stuffs smell so so good and Boogie use good-girl skills to get it. Then what? Black stuff is no no bad treat. What a crock.

Is Boogie sorry? Yeah, Boogie sorry. Boogie sorry Boogie waste all good work for nothin'.