Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Boogie Proof

Boogie told and told and screamed how Big Baby be the one who have badness and here be more proofs. Big Baby one big bad girl. Big Baby ate Skinny Dancer's head. Big Baby gots no respect. Skinny Dancer had some no-nos, but he dead now and this head eating no-no right.

Boogie and Skinny Dancer had lots of sameness. Like as we gots older we gots more white, interesting noses, skin troubles, get-in-trouble troubles, and in case you no remember, Boogie had look taken from Skinny Dancer (even if no Boogie choice).

Biggest sameness with Boogie and Skinny Dancer be Skinny Dancer be King of Pop and Boogie be Queen of Every Stuffs. It good one of us here to keep legacy. Big Baby, you better watch out--Big Baby ate Skinny Dancer's head and Boogie make pay.

Skinny Dancer, rest in peace, Boogie gots it covered.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stuck in Boogie

Boogie gots somethin' stuck in Boogie throat. It feel horrible and it make Boogie cough over, over and over. Boogie hate it. Why these things always happen to Boogie?

Nat says to Boogie, "Boogie ate something naughty and now it's stuck in Boogie's throat. You see what happens when Boogie don't chew?"

Yeah, right. Boogie so sure that not true. Boogie only eat what good for Boogie and it no-no way Boogie fault somethin' stuck in Boogie's throat. And it no way Boogie issue if what Boogie eats be bigger than Boogie throat.

So, Boogie will cry if Boogie want and Boogie will blame Big Baby. She the one always do stupid stuff, not Boogie.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Nat Explores Forever

Nat been gone way long forever. She been gone for lots of Boogie dinners and breakfasts and lots of sun comes up and sun goes 'way. Boogie wait and wait every night at tops of stairs and Nat no come. This absolute ridiculous. Nat did not approve this long-forever-time exploring with Boogie. Nat gonna get a spanking and put in bed soon as she come home to Boogie. This no-no bad girl. This no way to treat Boogie.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Death by No Foods

Umm. Boogie ready. Boogie pretty sure Nat be blind, 'cuz this face say it all everything: Gives Boogie dinner. Give it now. Boogie SO hungry starving dying. Boogie not last one minute without foods.

No, Boogie not last one more second. Not an hour. No months. No no nothing no hows no way. Boogie be dead from no 'nuf foods. Boogie dead. Boogie keep telling Nat. Give foods or Boogie die. Gasp. Coughs.

Boogie dead!!!! Dead! OHHH. Dying Boogie DEADDEAD! Dead.

Give Boogie dinner. Now.

Or Boogie do it. Boogie do it. Boogie die again.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Happy New Boogie Year!

It 2010, the year of the Boogie.

Remember when you making resolves, Boogie should be part of every new year goals. So get goin' and let Boogie know what good stuffs you plans to do for Boogie in Boogie year and try to use the words "chocolate."