Monday, May 31, 2010

Ahh, Boogie Double Bed

Now this be what Boogie talkin' 'bout. Take that Big Baby. Boogie gots your bed and then some.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Cruelty to Boogie

Boogie make no secret 'bout it, Boogie has number one love. That love be foods, all else come second. If a stranger broke into Boogie house with a gun and a cookie, Boogie be worried about the cookie. So everyone know there be two times a day that should never no-no be messed with: breakfast and dinner, foods times. So Boogie reader, take a look at the photo and hear Boogie say to Nat, you be serious? You serious gonna hold the foods above Boogie and waste Boogie's time with a picture? Serious? That just cruel. No-no, it not just cruel, it unholy, it mess with Boogie's best time.

Boogie show Nat serious. No one aint seen everything up Boogie sleeve yet.

Monday, May 10, 2010

With Great Power Come Big Punishment

Boogie gots a lot of time alone again. So Boogie both lonely, bored and glad. Boogie alone, so Boogie gets to 'xplore again. And you know what that mean...that mean the cupboards must be searched. And is it Boogie fault Boogie find foods in cupboards? No, it Boogie reward. Boogie founds a lot of powders, some bitter, some sweet and some just get sticky when Boogie lick. Imagine Boogie in photo above (Boogie help your imagine by fixing photo)--that what Boogie did. It look fun, right?

Nano no think so. Nano put Boogie outside until there no more powders anywhere. And worst of all worst? Now Nat and Nano been locking Boogie in Boogie's small house when they leave Boogie's big house. This not ok. Boogie love Boogie house, but now Boogie forced and stuck in there. It's like Boogie in a zoo with no visitors. Or worse, Boogie being treated like Big Baby. As if Boogie could ever be on such low low level. Boogie gots to get Boogie's freedom. Boogie's gots to break free. 'Cuz Boogie's house no feel like home no more.