Saturday, June 19, 2010

Boogie Hair Loss

Boogie losing Boogie hair. It coming out by the paw full. All of sudden it won't stopping leaving Boogie. What if it never stop and Boogie go bald? A bald Boogie is no Boogie. Boogie always lose 'lot of hair 'lot of time, but this be crazy.

What be more crazy is Nat. Nat say, "Oh Boogie, you are shedding like mad. Looks like it's time for your summer coat." Then Nat pull out Boogie brush. First, Boogie like to say Boogie don't need no summer coat--it hot outside and if Nat try to put coat on Boogie, Boogie will no no be happy. Number 2, Boogie hate bein' brushed. Boogie forced to stand still for so so long and lots and more pieces of Boogie leave Boogie.

Booge try to run, but Nat grab Boogie tail and Boogie gots no defense. Nat brush and brush and brush and brushbrushBRUSHbrush, brush, brush brush brushBRUSH. Ok, that 'nuf already! Boogie so beautiful. Boogie gots no more tangles. And Boogie no need no more help goin' bald.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Boogie the Impression

Boogie think Boogie found a new career, besides Boogie's career in foods, of course. This Boogie's impression of a French Bulldog. Heehee.