Friday, July 23, 2010

Boogie Eats Somethin' So So Badness

Boogie went outside to go potty and what did Boogie find? Boogie found bird. Boogie found bird that no more movin' no more. Boogie sniffed. Boogie pawed. Boogie ate. Boogie ate and ate. That what a wild Boogie would do, right? Boogie tryin' to get back to Boogie roots.

Boogie can eats most every stuff and all be good in Boogie belly. No more movin' bird made Boogie belly hurt real no no bad. In very small minute, no more movin' bird come back out of Boogie mouth. Boogie barf and barf and lots barf. Nat got mad. Real mad. When Nat saw what Boogie barfed up, Nat say, "Oh, no. No. NoNO! This is disgusting. I'm going to barf." Ok, first Nat, it not disgusting, it natural. And number 2, Nat no eat the no more movin' bird, so Boogie know Nat no have no reason to barf.

Moral of Boogie story be: Boogie wild and crazy, but Boogie keeps away from no more movin' stuffs, 'cuz no more movin' stuff too hard to eats. Boogie not never no more eat no more movin' bird again.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Boogie Injury

Last week, all of sudden, Boogie feel real no no bad. Not like usual when Boogie feel bad and Boogie do somethin' so good, Nano say Boogie naughty. No, this time Boogie feel bad and lots and lots of pain. Boogie hurt in Boogie back all of sudden. It like someone pinching Boogie back all every day. Boogie just lie 'round all time, 'cuz it hurt so so much. Boogie tail won't even stay curled, that how bad. Finally, Nat and Nano start givin' Boogie lots and lots of ham and Boogie feel lots and lots of better. See? Boogie always say foods is the answer.

'Course, the good part of the hurt is that Boogie get lots of loves and the special Boogie treatment. And let Boogie tell you, even though Boogie feelin' 'lots better from magic ham, Boogie gonna milk this for all Boogie worth.

"Oh, Boogie. You poor thing. Let me carry you upstairs." Yes, good idea.

"Oh, poor Boogie. You shouldn't go down so many stairs. Let's go potty out front instead." Yes, definitely. Oh, owee. It really do hurt.

"Oh, my little poor Boogie. Do you need to sleep on our bed tonight?" Oh, yes. That will make Boogie feel little less no no bad. Pick Boogie up soft.

"Oh, my sad sad little poor poor Boogie. Careful. Don't jump from the car. I'll lift you." Ahh. Perfect. This almost the treatment Boogie always forever deserve.