Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Boogie left Boogie house for one two, maybe three or ten Boogie days (car ride musta have be 3 Boogie days alone--Boogie car ride SOooo long foreverness. Boogie cry 'cuz it be so so forever). Boogie went 'xploring to place where older Nano be. Older Nano call Boogie, "Booger," which not no-no nice, but Older Nano house way nice, so Boogie put up with Booger. And Older Nano gots little Boogie doors. Boogie decide when Boogie come and go--that for sure how Boogie life should be. Boogie know when Boogie want to go out and Boogie definitely know when Boogie want to come in and it stupid ridiculous for Boogie to sit and bark to come in to Boogie own house.

Only bad stuffs be the sores Boogie got on Boogie belly while Boogie 'xploring. Boogie think Boogie got owee from stairs, but Boogie no be sure, 'cuz Boogie 'lots tough, Boogie no notice when owee happen.

Boogie loves the sunbathe. Boogie really needed time for get away and be relax. Boogie 'lots stressed from all Boogie work, a weekend of sun and sleep do Boogie the good.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Let Boogie Be Written, Let Boogie Be Know

There be a new boy dog that moved in next door to Boogie. Of course, Big Baby love New Boy. Big Baby want to go outside all time to see New Boy. Big Baby run around with New Boy like it most wonderful day in all Big Baby life. It gross. Big Baby give love like easiest thing. Boogie no tramp. Boogie no no so easy. Boogie ignore New Boy. It like New Boy not close to there. That will teach New Boy.

But Nat ruin every good Boogie plan, like forever always. Nat come outside and see New Boy and do Nat play it cool like Boogie? No. Nat act like Big Baby. Nat give loves to New Boy and tell New Boy how cute New Boy be. New Boy done no no nothin' to earn Nat loves and Boogie be angry.

Boogie bark and bark and barks and try to bite New Boy. And what do New Boy do? New Boy pretend like Boogie playing. Boogie run. Boogie bark. Boogie tackle New Boy. And still New Boy think it fun and games. New Boy and Big Baby so too much alike. No wonder Big Baby love New Boy so much.

This be Boogie declaration: Boogie no think New Boy cute. Boogie no like New Boy. Boogie hate New Boy. Boogie bigger than New Boy. Boogie must keep Nat from New Boy at all Boogie cost.

New Boy, this Boogie war.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Boogie Relates

Boogie get it. Boogie totally get it:

Why humans be so lame?