Monday, December 27, 2010

'Tis Boogie's Season

Merry Christmas every all and happy Boogie year! This time is not Boogie's favorite, 'cuz cold white stuffs be everywhere, but it not a no no bad time. It good 'cuz it full of presents and foods and foods and more foods and more stuffs. And if there anything Boogie like it's foods, foods, foods and presents full of foods.

'Tis time for Boogie to get every stuffs Boogie been wanting all Boogie's life. So when is Santa coming to Boogie's? Boogie got this one small present of bones and one stupid green ribbon, but that not nearly close to all Boogie wanted, so Santa better be comin' to Boogie soon--Boogie sure Santa saved the best for last. Boogie been a really good girl this year--someone better bring Boogie everything Boogie want and fast. Or Santa soon see the true meaning of no no bad girl.

p.s. Santa, please take stupid Small Big Baby away again. Small Big Baby back and she really buggin' Boogie. Small Big Baby think she so so smart and cute and perfect white. Seriously Santa, remove Small Big Baby and bring chocolate in her place.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

White Stuffs, Again

Cold, white stuffs has come again. And it not like only white stuffs be cold--every stuffs is cold again. Boogie hate it. You would too ifs you have to go potty outside. A few days ago, white stuffs so big, it tried to eat Boogie. White stuffs was as tall as Boogie. Of course Boogie refuse to let white stuffs eat Boogie.

Every time cold and white stuffs come to outside, Boogie put up Boogie revolt. Boogie go potty inside. It not fair. You all get to potty inside, where booties keep warm. This time, Boogie found perfect hiding spot for Boogie go-potty. Boogie climbed in a basket on the ground in Nat and Nano's room. In basket there be a sheet. Boogie go potty on sheet, every stuff absorbed, every stuff hidden. And no mess on carpet for Boogie to be in trouble.

Nat pulled sheet out later and Boogie wrong. Boogie in lots and lots trouble. It bad go-potty situation. Boogie did Boogie best. It just bad Boogie's potty spot be found. Boogie gonna have to brave the cold white stuff 'til Nat and Nano forget to be so mads.