Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh Yes, Oh Yes, We Did

Well, Big Baby finally gone and did it. Big Baby finally come in handy. Big Baby stoled a big block of cheese off the counter. Now, if Boogie big 'nuf, Boogie totally do it Boogie self, but Boogie be little. So in a fit of yesyes good girl, Big Baby stoled the whole cheese. It amazing. Big Baby pull cheese down. And Boogie ates and ates and ates. Oh, cheddar. Oh, cheese. It feel so good to be back to Boogie roots. Back to eatings and no one stopping Boogie.

'Course, Big Baby and Boogie both gots in trouble. And 'course there be shouts of noNo bad girls. NonoNO stealing! Nono!NOOOOoo more cheese! Then, like all thing Big Baby, Big Baby feel oh so so bads. But Boogie didn't. Boogie feel real good. 'Cuz not only Boogie gots lots of cheese, but Big Baby gots lots of sad mad bad trouble. It be a really good Boogie day.

All Boogie needs now is crackers. And milk. And cookies. Chocolate. Oh. And peanut butter.