Monday, December 26, 2011

Boogie's New Year

Boogie took a too-long car ride for New Year. Nat and Nano made Boogie do it.

But now car ride is over and Boogie thinkin' 'bout New Year. Some say this New Year of dragon, some say world be ending. Boogie say, everyone give Boogie stuffs and call it "The Year of the Boog."

Boogie hear it better to give than to get. Boogie happy to be the getter of yer giving. So get yer treats, loves, treats and foods and give every all to Boogie. It will make you and Boogie's year the best, 'specially Boogie's.

Happy Boogie Year, one and every all!

Merry Christmas Not to Boogie

Boogie thought Halloween be worst holiday of the year. Not anymore. Way to go Nat and Nano, you ruin Boogie's Christmas. Why Boogie have no party day where Boogie just free and naked and be happy?

Yep. Snowflake PJs.



And to make matters horrible worst, Big Baby won't stop kissing Boogie. Big Baby, go find yer own Christmas pajamas and leave Boogie alone. Boogie gots to find a way to stop Boogie clothes. Boogie not doll.