Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Boogie Show How it Be Done

A Boogie lesson for all people who act like Big Baby, and be a big baby all time. You gots to take whats you want, when you want. See how Boogie took that bone from Big Baby? Boogie does that lots and lots. Boogie goes after what Boogie wants. Boogie gets what Boogie wants. 'Specially from scaredy babies.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Boogie Prove Boogie Toughness, Again

Who you think be toughest of these three? Who you think be most brave?

Boogie give you a hint: it not wearing yellow. It not wearing tights. Boogie give you 'nother hint: it start with a "B" and end in "oogie."

If you no guess Boogie, you stupid. 'Cuz Boogie so brave, so tough, no one compete. Not Hulk Hogan, not Superman. The latest proof be that Boogie got her nail stuck in Boogie's house between the bars. Nat told Boogie to hold still, but Boogie moved Boogie's paw so, so Boogie fast. Boogie got Boogie's nail unstuck in no time. Boogie only yelp one small time. Nat look down and there be blood and no more nail. Yep, Boogie ripped Boogie's nail out and Boogie not even limp. Boogie amazing. Nat way more scared than Boogie.

It been awhile since the nail came out. And know what? Boogie grew Boogie's nail back like it no, no never happen. See? Boogie so more amazing and tough than any dude in small pants.