Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bad girl

That's what Nat said to Boogie yesterday.

Boogie was hungry--I NEEDed foods. So Boogie got into the big box filled with Boogie foods--foods Nano keeps from Boogie. Sometimes Boogie can get the big box open, most times no. It's cold in the big foods box, but always some Boogie foods inside. I helps Boogie's self. I ate a few breads, then Nat came to Boogie's house and saw big box open. Nat says, "OOooohhh...BAD giRLL!" I ran away. Nat was mad Boogie left the big box open after I done with foods.

Other big box times better. Boogie found big chunk of cheese full of holes. Boogie ate all cheese foods. Nano very mad Boogie eat cheeses. Next day, go potty outside hard for Boogie.

Different big box Boogie found pizza--more foods than Boogie could eat. I left some pizza foods for Nano and Nat. Still Nano spank me. Put Boogie face right in foods I left for him. Boogie already had 'nuf.

Big box hides Boogie foods. Big box get Boogies in trouble. Silly big box no stop Boogie.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Get to know me--everybody should

Here I am--Boogie. I cute, fun, and good. Everyone love me. I good.

I live with two others. One owner--a Nano. One toy--a Nat. Nano pretty good, but don't 'preciate Boogie. I Boogie, I own everything, and share. Nano so rude, he beat me for 'sploring my stuffs. Nat I love, but she mine and sometime she ignore Boogie or leave when I no say--that rude too. She mine, she can't leave. They both bigger than me, so can't stop.

I always gots stuffs going on. I Boogie, I got stuffs to do. I keep tight schedule. Nano and Nat always try to mess up. Boogie deal is, and owner and toy should understand, Boogie want what she want, when she want and she always NEEDS foods.

I get up with Nano or Nat, and go potty outside before sun is out. I have Boogie house all to self during day. I night night most of morning. When Boogie wake up she gots to find stuffs to do and foods to eat. I eat what I find--I easy when it comes to foods. Nano mad at me lot for finding Boogie foods.

Nano come back to Boogie house when light is going away and he misses Boogie too much. I go potty outside again and Nat shows up soon--she want to play with Boogie. Nano and Nat get some of my foods and I try to make them give me my foods back. Sometimes Boogie thinks Nano wants Nat to be his toy.

Before Boogie foods and after Boogie foods, I need loves and more night night. Long after sun gone, Nano and Nat go night night and sometimes I want night night and sometimes I not want. If Boogie not ready, she makes lots of noise to try to get Nano and Nat up for play or foods. I hungry. Boogie snorts loud and runs under Nano bed. I go night night when Boogie wants. Night night fun when I want--I made Boogie bed pretty with good stuffs. I find my stuffs everywhere and use it for Boogie bed add ons. Boogie socks and gloves I let Nano wear are good for Boogie bed.

Boogie tireds. I gots stuffs to do.
Boogie be back.