Friday, June 30, 2006

Does This Make Boogie Bad Boogie?

So, Boogie have this issue. Boogie no like guy next door. He look funny. His skin is darker than Boogie’s and Boogie don’t like that. Everybody else around Boogie is light, so flag is right 'way raised when Boogie see Neighbor Guy.

Neighbor Guy try to talk to Boogie few times. Nat tell Boogie to be nice to him. Neighbor Guy try to be friends with Boogie, but I don’t even want to go there. He not only look weird, but smell too. He smell of strange spices and smoke. Boogie know he up to something.

Here good example: Nat and Boogie outside. Nat is pushing a big machine across the lawn that make the grass smaller and the noise bigger. Boogie just supervisin’ Nat. making sure she no do stupid stuffs. Suddenly, Boogie see Neighbor Guy too close to Boogie house with same machine Nat has. Nat very distracted with making grass small, and Boogie hurry to tell Neighbor Guy to get away from Boogie stuffs. Boogie run very fast and bark very loud so Neighbor get message. Neighbor Guy get scared of Boogie. He yell, “no, No, NO, NO! NO!! NOOOO!!!” The closer Boogie get to Neighbor Man, the louder he get and the faster he push his machine. Soon, Nat and Neighbor Guy both yelling “NO! NO! NO!NONO!NO! NO!!” And Neighbor is turning in circles very fast with his loud machine and Boogie doing good job of telling him what is Boogie’s and what is not Neighbor’s.

Nat run, yell and spank Boogie and say, “I’m so sorry,” to Neighbor Guy. Neighbor breathed hard. Neighbor Guy made lawn very short in his circle running. That make Boogie happy. A mark to remember what Boogie taught Neighbor Man.

And let’s face it, if Neighbor Man no have something to hide, Neighbor Man no run.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Boogie letter to president

Dear president Mr.,

It’s Boogie. Boogie want to tell you, you not doing good job. There’s lots of stuffs to do and you not doing and Boogie sufferings.

Boogie sorry, but all your tax cuts provide no relief for Boogie. Boogie work hard, Boogie work long, but Boogie no get refund, no check, no nuthin’. Boogie no know who those cuts for, but no help to Boogie.

I’m sure you’ve heard, but Boogie is CHO—Chief Home Officer—of Boogie house and Nat and Nano. That big position. Boogie fill it well, serve country good and Boogie need more compensation. Boogie know president Mr. no raise minimum wage, (probably ‘cause you need more treats for president Mr.—Boogie get that), but president Mr., you should raise Boogie wage. Boogie don’t get salary, hourly wage, or tips—not to mention healthcare.

Boogie talk more ‘bout healthcare. Give Boogie some. Boogie is good and Boogie is strong, but Boogie get sick. Boogie can’t breathe good. Boogie gots lots itches. Itches turn into crusties and bleeds—‘specially my ears, they always itches and bleeds. That takes lots of medicines and that take lots of treats. That rough on Boogie. Boogie need some assistance. Give up some of president Mr.’s treats and give to Boogie. You totally selfish.

President Mr., Boogie gives a lot to your people and Boogie just want things in return. I even started helping with terrorist threat. Ever since Boogie move to new Boogie house, I put Boogie on security watch. Boogie bark at every noise and person walk by. Boogie make sure bombers, crashers, and killers stay way.

In conclusion, president Mr., give Boogie more. Boogie NEEds it.

Even if president Mr. try to be friends with China, you pretty bad.
You need Boogie help more than Boogie need president Mr.'s help,

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Boogie's Cup

Is Boogie cup half full or half empty?

That dumb question. ‘Course Boogie cup half empty or empty. If Boogie cup full, Boogie eats at least half foods right way. Who in their right mind leave cup, bowl, or plate full?

Boogie gots to enjoy all Boogie can, when can. No cup runneth over when Boogie ‘round.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Pieces of Boogie

Every once in a while, Nat or Nano gets out Boogie brush. They say it make Booige look beautiful—‘course, Boogie say, I already beautiful. They brush and brush Boogie for long time. So long Boogie legs get tired.

Boogie get worried so many pieces of Boogie come off with brushing. Lots and lots of Boogie on ground, in air, on Nat and Nano. Boogie everywhere. What they think? Boogie need all of Boogie. Who know what pieces of Boogie they taking away. What if it’s the Xploring Boogie? The Boogie Loves? Nigh-night Boogie? Supervisor Boogie? Or worst of all everything, Foods Boogie?

Obviously Boogie can’t let any of Boogie go away. All Boogie, good Boogie. Boogie do only logical thing. Boogie eat pieces of Boogie to get all Boogie back.

Nano and Nat no understand. Nano get mad and yes, he spank Boogie. Is he crazy? Don’t he know, nothing will be same if Bogoie don’t get pieces of Boogie back? Nat and Nano would be in trouble too. I wish they could see what they do to Boogie and why Boogie do what Boogie do.