Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Big Baby is yucky. She have horrible hygiene. She no even care what she look like. Big Baby stays outside go potty all day ‘cause she was so no no bad inside Boogie’s house. When Big Baby do come inside when Nat and Nano get home from ‘xploring, she is dirty and has leaves, petals, and grass stuck in fur. (By way, Big Baby fur not soft like Boogie fur. Big Baby fur is rough, so why Nat and Nano want to pet her? It no feel good. Boogie know—Boogie bite it lot.)

But worst gross thing Big Baby do is eat Boogie treats and let the treat goos stay on Big Baby’s front legs. Big Baby no clean her legs. She let the gooeys stay on arms. That waste of Boogie treats and Big Baby legs matted, gray, crunchy, icky legs. Boogie always clean legs. If Boogie legs get too dirty, I dance ‘round and ‘round ‘til Nat clean them for Boogie.

What wrong with Big Baby? No one ever no teach her ‘bout being beautiful? All Big Baby care ‘bout is having fun and stealing stuffs from Boogie. She steal Boogie foods, Boogie loves, and she walk all over Boogie. Boogie so small, what Boogie gonna do? And if you think Big Baby is a good smell, you very always wrong. Big Baby smell never good. It not only all that pieces of Boogie yard and crusty Boogie treats on her, Big Baby also have nasty no no gas—lots. Big Baby so sick.

The good news of week is that lady who left hard-shelled animal that live in box of water in Nano room, that lady came and took away hard-shelled animal. Thank goodness. One less thing Boogie have worry 'bout.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Very NoNo Bad Big Baby

So, Big Baby still at Boogie's house and she making BIG mess of Boogie's stuffs. Nat and Nano seem bothered, but they no take Big Baby away. Boogie try to tell them she no good and need to leave Boogie's house, but Nano no listen. He even keep giving her Boogie treats and special Boogie foods, that Nano won't let Boogie eat. As if.

Last week Big Baby start moving Boogie stuffs around Boogie's house. Then she started chewing on this stuffs--stuffs that Nano and Nat keep up high and away to keep safe. Big baddest thing Big Baby did was few days ago. Nat and Nano gone and not back from their day's 'xploring, when suddenly out of no where Big Baby grab Boogie's bed--not just no any bed, but Boogie's best, newest bed. Big Baby chew, rip and claw, tear Boogie's bed. Boogie in shock. Boogie mad. But Boogie couldn't do no anything because Big Baby much bigger than Boogie. Boogie say bad words and try make Big Baby stop, but no help. Whole top of Boogie's best bed torn 'part and spread 'cross living room.

When Nat got home, she very mad at Big Baby. She yell, spank Big Baby and make her go outside. Nat say so sorry to Boogie and I happy Big Baby in trouble. Nat and Nano got Boogie new, better look bed, so that one good thing 'bout whole everything.

Next day, Big Baby do same thing to big, big Boogie bed in living room (that Nano no let Boogie on). Boogie thought that end of Big Baby, but no. Nano now make Big Baby go outside for whole time Nano and Nat gone from Boogie's house.

Big Baby act all nice and, "give me love, give me love, I love you, oh hold my paw, all I need is your love," when Nat and Nano 'round. But she no act at all anything like that when they off 'xploring.

On top all this, Big Baby still go potty inside, which not what we do at Boogie's house. Go potty outside, 'course. Dumb Big Baby. Big Baby crazy.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Big Baby

Boogie gonna have to have one-on-one with Nano. He always bringing more things to Boogie’s house for Boogie to worry ‘bout. Friday he bring dog to Boogie’s house. This dog bigger than Boogie, but younger. She just baby, but she big baby. So she no know what she doing, but she all over place. Now Boogie have to chase Big Baby and block Big Baby. Boogie has to make sure Big Baby no get into Boogie’s stuffs and make sure she stay out of trouble. ‘Course she takin’ Boogie time ‘way, and cuttin’ into Boogie loves, foods, treats, and nigh-night time too. More ‘bout that later.

On Saturday, Nat left for long times. When she come back, she had lots of bags full of Boogie stuffs. She pulled out new Boogie necklace. This great. Boogie need new necklace, so Boogie happy. But then what Nat do? She put new Boogie necklace on Big Baby dog. This make Boogie mad. How dare Nat put Boogie necklace on Big Baby?! Boogie not sharing Boogie’s stuffs with Big Baby. So Boogie put Boogie foot down right ‘way—right on Big Baby’s neck, where Boogie’s necklace was. Nat still no do nothing, so when Boogie downstairs and Nano try to see Boogie’s new necklace on Big Baby, Boogie circled Big Baby and bit the carpet ‘round Big Baby. Not even that work. So Boogie had to get serious. Boogie had to let Nat and Nano know, this no o.k. Boogie had no option. Boogie chew on Boogie arm to show necklace is mine.

Finally, Nat take Boogie necklace off Big Baby and put it on Boogie. Boogie beautiful. Nat put Boogie’s old necklace on Big Baby. That fine, ‘specially ‘cause Nat ask first. Big Baby can use Boogie hand-me-downs, but not new stuffs. And no no never Boogie’s foods, any types.