Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Boogie Fix Olympics

Olympics just ended. Boogie thoughts they good. It was good to see Boogie's homeland and lots and lots of Boogie's people won lots of medals. Boogie's people jump high and point toes like good girls. 'Course, Boogie think of stuffs that help Olympics.

Number first: New category of Olympics should be Bone Chew. If this be sport in 2008 Olympics, Boogie would been with Boogie's people and won gold treat--'cuz not no one can chew like Boogie chew.

Second: The treat for winning gots to change. As of now, the winning three get a medal of metal--gold, silver, and bronze. This not good treat for winner. Winners work way hard on stuffs for long time, then they gets a piece of metal for doing best tricks of whole world. No matter what color that piece of metal, it no-no bad treat--nobodies can eat metal.

New medals be made of foods and the foods be Frito-Lay foods. All Boogie's best good-girl tricks 'cuz of Frito-Lay training--crunchy, salt treats are really motivation. Boogie trained for Shake with Cheetos. Boogie learned Roll Over with Rold Gold. Play Dead training came by Fritos. Play Dead is so so hard, but Fritos so so good, Boogie get strength 'nuf to pull it out in end.

Here how it work. Bronze medal change to Cheeto medal. Silver to Dorrito and gold to Frito. (Boogie would say silver change to Rold Gold pretzel, but Boogie want medals of rhyme.)

Boogie know from 'xperience, if winners treats change to Frito-Lay stuffs, competition be up couple notch.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

100 stuffs 'bout Boogie

In blogworld there be new trend where blogger list 100 stuffs 'bout self. Boogie thinks this be perfect way to get back to blogging and since Boogie so so complex, this perfect for layin' it on line. Here go:

1. Boogie been on diet for two years. This no not Boogie's choice.
2. Boogie let Nano think Boogie on diet. Boogie supplement. You probably wonder how Boogie find more foods. Let Boogie tell you, Boogie got moves you ain't never seen before.
3. Boogie almost love Big Baby and Boogie not proud.
4. Ok, ok, between Boogie and blogospehere, Boogie love Big Baby, but Boogie no not always like Big Baby. Boogie never say this stuffs outloud.
5. Nat still Boogie's toy. Boogie owns Nat and Nano thinks he owns Boogie. Nat not always good toy.
6. Front outside of Boogie's house much better for go-potty than back outside of Boogie's house.
7. When cold white stuff on ground, both front and back of Boogie's house no no good for go-potty.
8. When cold white stuff on ground, Boogie sometime go-potty inside Boogie's house. Nano let Nat go inside Boogie's house--why not Boogie?
9. At the house where lots of people look like Nat, there is new dog (who Boogie will talk about more 'nother time). Big Brown is bad, bad naughty girl. Big Brown is ruining Boogie's Sundays. Big Brown called "No-No" more than Boogie or Big Baby.
10. When Nat unlock Boogie bed in the morning, sometime Boogie pretend to be night-night still, so Boogie get loves before outside-go-potty.
11. How many more these Boogie gotta write?
12. In Boogie life, Boogie had 587 ear infections. (Boogie not sure on that number, but Boogie had whole lot.)
13. When Boogie was 'bout Big Baby's age, Boogie scratched Boogie's eyeball--it was so itch itch, Boogie couldn't help it. Nano had to rub squishy stuff on Boogie's eye and every stuff was all blurry. Don't scratch your eyeball--it only lead to sadness.
14. One good-girl time, Boogie found where Nat store the treats she no share with Boogie. Boogie figured how to open the doors of wood the treats sat behind. Boogie scratch, scratch scratch until doors popped open. Boogie gots so many treats, like Boogie deserve. Nat SO mad. Nat spank Boogie. Nat spank Boogie hard. As if Nat even have right, but also, Boogie no knew why Nat mad. Boogie saved some treat for Nat, which way more than Nat ever do for Boogie.
15. Boogie gots stuffs to do. Boogie no gots time for 100. Boogie gots to check behind wood doors again.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ahh, So Truth

This so truth. 'Specially 'bout Boogie.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Boogie in Slump

Boogie no know what wrong. Boogie no feel like bloggin' lately. Maybe it the hot hot outside or the itch scratch the grass give Boogie bum. Whatever go bad, it make Boogie no want to talk 'bout Boogie.

Maybe it because Big Baby is even bigger. Big Baby came to Boogie's house and she was already big, but Big Baby kept growing and growing and Boogie thought Big Baby going to be as big as Nat. Big Baby no grow for long time. Then BOOM, Big Baby grow. Big Baby taller. What that happen? Big Baby no more supposed to grow--she old now, in Boogie years she is a teenager and still grow. Big Baby no even eat her foods good--sometime like a big stupid, she no eat all any. This no fair. No fair she grow and no fair she no eat and her foods don't go to hungry, hungry Boogie. So maybe this got Boogie down.

Boogie no sure what wrong or why Boogie no want to talk 'bout Boogie, but Boogie guess you all have to hang in there 'til Boogie figure stuffs out.