Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mmm, Toasty

Boogie love to sit by heat vents. It be all warm and blowy warm. Boogie found a huge heat vent that's warmer and lasts longer than small floor ones. Boogie sit right up next to it and luva the heat--so so good.

Unlike other Boogie house heaters, this one sometimes be open, open enough for Boogie to fit. So Boogie stick her head in to for extra toasty-ness. It feel great, like sunshine. So who know why Nat force Boogie out. Once Nat leave for all-day 'xploring, Boogie do it again and would you know? Nano force Boogie out and shut doors to Boogie's giant heat vent. Jerk.

Today while Nat not watchin' Boogie put head in and it still toasty lovely, then Boogie put feets in and try to figure where the barbeque smell comin' from. Boogie think it the best heat vent of all time: toasty and gives foods. 'Course Nat yell at Boogie as soon as Boogie start 'xploring the smell and force Boogie out of heat vent before Boogie find foods. But no no worry, Boogie will find way to get to heats and barbeque.

Who wanna bring the buns?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Boogie Minty Fresh

This picture show other thing Boogie did on Boogie-cation. Boogie tryin' to get better breath. Nano always say how bad it be.

And serious, Boogie try anything at now point. Special-diet is no no bad pits. Think 'bout it. What if you had to eat one thing over and over and that all you got? Even if it somethin' good like hamburger, imagine eatin' hamburger and only hamburger for every foods, every treat for weeks and weeks. Boogie promise, you be sick of burger. (Oh what Boogie would give or take for hamburger right now... sweet sweet hamburger....)

So yes, while on Boogie-cation, Boogie jump in Nano's seat while Nano and Nat out of car and Boogie ate hunk of Nano's gum, foil and all stuffs.

You don't know what it like. Don't judge Boogie.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Boogie went on a trip. For most part it was great. Boogie got to 'xplore lots and climb up stuffs and go for lots of rides.

One big bad: while Boogie 'xploring Boogie stepped on something that left pokey things all over Boogie paw, Boogie leg, Boogie belly, and Boogie sweater. This last time to see Boogie in this sweater--it no no be saved, so full of small pokes.

Nat and Nano took forever to get all pokes out of Boogie. Boogie kept trying to tell, "Hey, this good. Boogie deal." But oh no, every time Boogie try to relieve them of their remove-poker duties, they yell at Boogie, "No! Stop it. No. Stay still. Nono. NooOOO!!!" Talk 'bout boring times.

Boogie have one more story from Boogie-cation, but that for later.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Should Boogie Be Offended?

Turns out, Buffy vampires modeled after Boogie. Should Boogie be offended? Boogie choose no. Buffy vampires be powerful and get what they want. Boogie down with that. Plus, you know how many times Boogie wanted to bite some humans in last few weeks? Lots. Special-diet makes Boogie cranky.