Thursday, April 30, 2009

Water. What it Good for?

Boogie given up water. What point? Water take up space in Boogie belly that should be used for foods. So stop askin' "Want some water, Boogie? Aren't you thirsty?" Boogie don't care if it's clean and fresh. Gimme somethin' Boogie can chew on. Somethin' meaty. Somethin' smelly. Somethin' worth Boogie's time and stomach space.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Reasons for to Reconsider Bird Poo

This bird live at Boogie's house. Boogie don't know why, but he do. He loud, but pretty with a lot colors--also he in his big kennel most of time, so Boogie mostly ignore.

Loud Bird throws stuff out his kennel--this great for Boogie. He throw food out and also poop. Boogie eat both. Boogie sure you all on high ponies and say, "Ewe, gross," but you no know. Boogie bet you never tried bird poo, so you no be judge. Boogie has tried, lots of times, so Boogie tell you why to reconsider the bird poo:
  1. It easy. When Nat and Nano go 'xploring without Boogie, it easy bird poo pie for Boogie to get and eat.
  2. It come in different kinds--hard and soft, like ice cream. Boogie know you like that.
  3. Never-end supply with Loud Bird 'round.
  4. Boogie be little desperate. You try bein' on special-diet. Boogie NEEDS variety. Bird poo provide.
One of Boogie mottos: try to try and get into somethin' new every day. Maybe it your day to try snack of poo.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

This Just to Say...

Sometimes Boogie like to bite Big Baby thigh. Just jump up and give a good chomp.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

It That Time of Year

It that good time of year when cold white stuff go away and little girls in green outfits come 'round with so so good cookies.

'Course Boogie still on special-diet (when Nat and Nano are looking), but how can Boogie resist one-time-a-year cookies? 'Specially when Boogie know where they be and how to get.

Boogie was at the house where everyone look like Nat and saw where one-time-a-year cookies were kept. Next week Boogie again at house where everyone look like Nat and the universe wanted Boogie to have cookies, Boogie know for sure, 'cuz everyone who look like Nat, Nat, and Nano all left Boogie (and BigBig dog) alone with knowledge of where cookies be.

Boogie open cupboard, get once-a-year cookies (lots of boxes), tear open, and eat. Oooh Universe, thank you. Boogie mean, Boogie would got cookies anyway, somehow, with or without Universe help, but Boogie not gonna turn down good-girl fortune.

In end, Boogie got two boxes of once-a-year cookies and shared with BigBig dog that lives at the house where everyone looks like Nat. As bonus extra, bones for chewing be in same cupboard with cookies.

See? Universe smiling on Boog.

See Nat and Nano? Universe no think Boogie bad girl. Universe agree with Boogie needs and not with no no bad diets.