Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Boogie Be Bad and Boogie Belly Feel Good

Boogie belly feel so good after Boogie opened closet door, got into foods closet and tip over Boogie's foods and eat all spilled foods, Boogie still want more. Boogie 'xplored all over house and kitchen, tryin' to find more foods. That how good the Boogie break in was.

Next morning Boogie so, so hungry, Boogie cry and cry. That how hungry Boogie was.

Oh foods, Boogie love you. Give Boogie more sweet belly love.

Monday, June 22, 2009

'Portance of Boogie Bark

When there be a ding-dong or a knocking at Boogie front door, Boogie bark. This important. For sake of Nat and Nano, let Boogie 'xplain. If someone at door that Boogie like and know, Boogie bark tell them yes, Boogie be home, hold on and Boogie be with you soon. If someone at door that Boogie no like or no know, Boogie bark tell them, yes, Boogie home and you be scared, SCRAM! you no welcome.

So dumbsicles, stop tellin' Boogie to shush. Boogie bark important. Boogie bark keep you safe.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Someone Stole Boogie's Green Stuff

This picture of Boogie when Boogie's yard was still good and padded in green. This what Boogie's yard look like now:

Dirt dirty dirt. This horrible. Who would do such thing to Boogie yard? Where Boogie's green padding go? Where all Boogie go potty spots go? How Nano and Nat let somethin' like this happen? There no way to go potty without touching dirt. It disgusting. It like Boogie third-class. As if.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Boogie's Trouble with Itchees

Itch itch itch.
Boogie lick paw.

Itch itch.
Boogie chew paw.

Nano say stop.

Itch itch itch.
Boogie lick and bite and paw squeaks.

Nano say STOP. Boogie stop.

Itch itch ITCH ITCH. Boogie start licks. ITCH ITCHERY ITCHEROO. Boogie chew chew CHEWCHEW.

Nat yell.
Boogie soft itchy. Lick lick.
Itchy...itch. ITCH. Boogie chews.

Itcheee! Nat yell and hold out dreaded head cone.
Boogie stop.

'Til Nat and Nano go 'xploring.

Shh. Boogie itch.