Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This Frightens

700 billions? That 'lot 'lot money. These companies no give Boogie nothin' so Boogie not interested. What Boogie worried 'bout: if all these moneys go to companies, what 'bout Boogie? What 'bout Boogie treats and foods? Will stuffs still be left for Boogie?

Everyones gots to take big, long stare in future and if Boogie not perfect content, it no-no bad.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

This all Big Baby say since yesterday. Big Baby such a baby.

Don't Take Boogie's Guns

Boogie gonna say few words 'bout why Boogie concerned 'bout Mr. Could-Be-President.

Boogie heard some rumors. Boogie hear Mr. Could-Be-President gonna take Boogie's guns away. This horrible. How can Mr. Could-Be-President take away all of Boogie's protection? It completely no-American. If guns be taken, America be like China. China where Boogie roots be, but it too strict and squishy for Boogie.

Old Dude want Boogie have guns. That what Boogie want to hear. Boogie not saying Old Dude be good Mr. President. Oh no. Boogie see clear that Old Dude one No-No from forever night-night. If Old Dude go forever night-night, there be no Mr. President, there be Ms. President. Boogie all for a Ms. President, but not a Ms. President from place where cold, white stuff on gound all time. White stuff bad and white stuff everywhere all time make for lots of no-no's and bad girls. Boogie don't even like to go potty on white stuff.

Clear thing that gotta happen: Mr. Could-Be-President gots to let pugs have guns. Boogie no have gun, but what if Boogie want gun and can't no gets gun? Boogie wants what she wants when she wants. That why Boogie great American.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Somthin' Else From Blog World

Here be 'nother game from blog world, so you can see more 'bout Boogie.

I am... hungry.

I miss... foods.

I think... Boogie needs more stuffs.

I know... what Boogie want. Boogie always know what Boogie want. Boogie never unsure.

I want... you to bring me some foods--somethin' good.

I have... itch, itch, scratch.

I search... for foods and spiders.

I wish... someone would give Boogie more treats and take Boogie for ride.

I hate... not gettin' 'nuf treats.

I am... still hungry.

I fear... heights and not gettin' 'nuf foods.

I always... hungry.

I love... foods and loves (when Boogie want them).

I feel... hungry.

I hear... Big Baby.

I smell... Big Baby.

I wonder... 'bout Big Baby.

I care... 'bout foods and Nat and Nano (as long as they give me stuffs).

I regret... nuffin'.

I am... Boogie.

I believe... in power of Boogie.

I dance... for foods and when Nat or Nano come home from 'xplorin'.

I write... Boogie blog.

I win... at every stuff.

I never... a bad girl. Always good girl.

I listen... when Nano tell Boogie what Boogie want to hear or when Nano going to spank.

I can... do every stuffs.

I am... hungriest than ever.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tag Boogie It

Boogie tryin' somethin' new. Boogie been tagged and Boogie gonna do it 'cause it got pictures. The deal be that Boogie gots to answer questions 'bout Boogie with picture from Google search. Nothin' better than findin' out more 'bout Boogie.

1- My first name.

2-My Middle Name.

3- My Last Name

4-My age.

(Boogie way look better than this pug--who know how old it is.)

5- Favorite Vacation Spot.

6- A Past Love.

7- College Major.

8- If I was going to do it all over?

9- Where did I grow up?

10- Where do I live now?

11- A Past Pet.

12- A friend's nickname:

13-My First Job:

14- Favorite Food?

15- My Favorite Color:

16- What am I doing right now?

17- A Bad Habit of mine: