Monday, January 26, 2009

3 Boogie Teeths Gone

The doctor took 3 of Boogie's teeths, not 1, but 3. This seem like big rip off. Number 1, Boogie not prepared to give up so much of Boogie. Number 2, doctor didn't even give Boogie teeths for Tooth Fairy to come and give Boogie stuffs. Even if the teeths was diseased and broked, Tooth Fairy no care, he still give me the goods, but no teeth, no goods.

Doctor said Boogie would just want to go home and go sleep after tooth taking, 'cause of all the night night drugs and pain meds. Doctor mis-underestimate Boogie. Boogie could barely walk, Boogie couldn't even hold up own tail, but Boogie stay awake and demanded Boogie foods. It was hard day--Boogie deserved good stuffs, even if Boogie have fewer teeths for chews. If you look close you can see blood on Boogie's jowls--it take a real woman to eat foods in such condition.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Boogie Demand Inequality

Big Baby got it in that big, hairy black head of hers that Big Baby deserve equality. Pshhh. This silliest thing Boogie heard in long time. Silliest since Nano said if Boogie don't listen, Nano gonna give Boogie to gypsies, (then even most silliest Nano adopted Big Baby, his very own gypsy).

Anyways, usually in morning time, Boogie pretend to still be night night when Nat let Big Baby out to go potty. This give Boogie lots of time to get Boogie aloneness and also some love time. Well, stupid Big Baby won't go potty without Boogie anymore. Big Baby wants all to be equal. Look at this face. Do this look like the face of a Boogie who lookin' for equality? Boogie demand inequality and Boogie demand Nat to push Big Baby outside and restore Boogie's system.

Once again, Big Baby find way to ruin Boogie's mojo.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Boogie had no idea that the pug video game Boogie posted made noise. Boogie heard the music and wanted to scream. Sahhrry you had to hear that. No more pug games on Boogie site.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Boogie Gots a Broked Tooth

When Boogie went to doctor, Boogie given lots of medicines. Boogie's medicines take long time in morning and at night night, but good things is Boogie's lots less itch. Boogie's bum is free of diaper--that's 'nother New Year's resolution crossed off.

Other thing doctor found was Boogie's broked molar. It broked right in half and look real bad and yes, smell real real bad. In a couple weeks Boogie gots to remove--that gonna suck, but at least Boogie no have to pay for it. (Boogie not even sorry Nano have to pay. Boogie pay for so much of Nano's bad man doings.)

Boogie would show you picture of Boogie's nucky tooth, 'xcept Boogie don't let no one in Boogie's mouth, except doctor with hands of strong and force.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Boogie Did Something So Good and Got in Trouble So Bad

Boogie 'xplored Boogie's way into new cupboard while Nat and Nano were away for all-day 'xplorin. It only fair that Boogie should 'xplore too. Boogie found a big container of chocolate powder--lots and lots of dry, small chocolate. 'Course it no easy for Boogie to get container open, but Boogie credit the Kong for giving needed skills to get small chocolates out of closed canister. Boogie ates and ates and ates. It heaven.

Until Nano came home that is. Then it was NoNo Bad Girl and he get SOOOooo mad at Boogie. He even put Boogie in the cupboard and say something like, "If you like it in here, stay in here." Um. Duh. Boogie don't like it in the cupboard, Boogie like what in cupboard for eats. And also plus, what in cupboard help Boogie fulfill New Year's resolute: eat better.

Boogie didn't even eat all of the dry chocolate. Boogie totally left some for later, so get over it.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Time to Resolute

Here is what Boogie resolute for New Year:

1. Go to doctor no so much.
This not goin' to be easy and Boogie startin' out all wrong. Boogie gots to go to doctor today--only second day of year.

2. Eat better.
Boogie diet now is sad, bad. All Boogie gets is dog foods, water, raw hides, and milk bones. Sorry. That so low class. Sure, sometime Boogie supplements and eat what around bird cage or remove perfectly good food from garbage can. But really, Boogie need some better cuisine--like meat, cookies, chocolate, bread...Boogie could go on and on.

3. Get rid of itch itch and diaper.
Maybe doctor help, but who know 'cause she not do much so far. Boogie go check today anyway. If Boogie get rid of itch itch, maybe Nat and Nano stop loud saying so much. It so loud and so interupting. Good thing Boogie good at ignore. Boogie no want to bum scoot, but Boogie gots no option. If itch itch go, then Boogie stop scoots. It all up to itch itch and doctor. So, Nat and Nano, stop actin' like it Boogie problem--Boogie gots not choice in matter. So take this bleepin' diaper off Boogie!

4. More Love.
And by more love, Boogie mean less love for Big Baby. Boogie not talkin' love from Boogie to Big Baby--that low already. Boogie talkin' love from Nat and Nano to Big Baby. The more love that go to Big Baby, the less love there be for Boogie. That just no right. So take love from Big Baby and Boogie get more.

5. Figure out Kong.
Boogie have a couple of kong toys and they really pissing Boogie off. Kong hides Boogie's treats and won't give them up. Boogie have to paw and paw and cry and cry and hit and slide and roll and chew for Kong to give up the goods. So annoying. It's Boogie's treats, so hand it over. Boogie goal to figure out how to get Kong to give up goods much faster or not take away in first place.

Boogie wish you happy new year. Come over to Boogie's to celebrate and bring Boogie stuffs.

p.s. What all these books doin'? Nat get so angreeee when Boogie step on them, but um, hello, they on Boogie's floor, so Nat, pick books up. That be your resolute.